WINDOWS: Game Patch (requires Savage 2.00e)
WINDOWS: SEP Patch (requires Savage+SEP 3T)
WINDOWS: Standalone (requires no prior Savage installation)
WINDOWS: Server Pack (requires no prior Savage installation)
LINUX: Game Patch (requires Savage 2.00c)
LINUX: SEP Patch (requires Savage+SEP 3T)
LINUX: Standalone (requires no prior Savage installation)
LINUX: Server Pack (requires no prior Savage installation)
OS X: Game Patch (requires Savage 2.00e)
OS X: SEP Patch (requires Savage+SEP 3T)

This is the official website of Savage: Full Enhancement (SFE), the fan patch and modification for Savage: The Battle For Newerth, S2 Games' original and highly innovative RTSS PC video game (now freeware). It is the result of thousands of manhours of work aimed at improving the game while keeping its roots intact, making for a more enjoyable overall experience that just feels orders of magnitude better and more polished.

One of the industry's most highly featured fan patch, for one heck of a fun (and free!) game.

SFE is the final version of the modding project formely known as SEP (Savage Enhancement Project), and whose lead programmers are Arun Demeure (Uttar) and Michael Kirzinger (WhiteDwarf). Various other persons have contributed to an extend or another however, and most of these are listed in the mod's ingame credits section. Of particuliar importance, also, were all of the former TombStone Full Conversion team members (including Ken Morse, Lead Producer and Artist), as the mod's art assets were integrated in SEP when the mod was cancelled.

In addition to the classic Grass and Snow themes of Savage, SFE adds western/undead-themed maps via TombStone's art assets.

Practically, SFE improves on nearly everything in either subtle or extremely obvious ways. It is also one of the only fan patches in the industry which was made with the game's entire codebase, including the engine code. This has enabled us to deliver a number of graphical enhancements (rain/snow, grass, etc.) and a number of highly innovative features (such as serverside demos, replay servers and game pausing) while significantly improving the game's performance for both players and server administrators.

Two movies showcasing graphical improvements in SFE: snow, rain and grass.
Right click and "Save as" to download the movies to your hard drive.

The list of enhancements is incredibly big, so you'll have to excuse us if we don't bother listing it all or creating in-depth documentation that covers every single feature in detail. Here's a small list of some of the cool stuff that might just give you an idea of how much love and polish has gone into it:
- Raytraced weather technology: Raytraced rain and snow simulation with thousands of rendered particles. Imagine being inside a tunnel with a small hole, and snow falling through it!
- Clientside accuracy panel: If you want to see how's your aim improving, just open the accuracy panel. It also shows a separate percentage for siege units, as those are easier to hit.
- Serverside stat recovery; if you've suddenly got to go or if your connection drops, and the game hasn't ended when you come back, you'll get all of your stats (k/d, exp, etc.) back!
- Building Construction Previews: When the commander is trying to place a building, you see a translucent preview of it, so that you can move out to let him place it.
- Beautiful grass rendering: With massive optimizations that more than triple the grass' performance and all-new textures, Savage's grass has never looked so good!
- Gold Bags Polish: The bags are coloured differently based on what team can pick them up, and only the original killer can take it for the first few seconds.
- Duel Servers: These dedicated servers allow players to train their melee skills together, with automatic healing, resurrection, infinite gold, etc.
- Advanced spectating features: Lets you spectate anyone and see exactly what he sees, with either a static or dynamic viewpoint.
- Commander minimap drawing: Let your team know where to go! (minimal bandwidth usage: 100 bytes/client/second @ 25FPS!)

Various commander-focused features (illustrated: building previews and minimap drawing).

And for the most curious among you, here's a bigger changelog, in no particuliar order; please note that it is most likely not quite complete, and not quite in-depth either; not that anyone would want to read something bigger, let alone that, of course! ;)

Last updated on the 7th of January 2007